To aid in easier latching and feeding, Pigeon created the First Peristaltic Thin Neck Nipple Teat. Your infant will be more likely to adopt a natural sucking action thanks to the teat’s design, which can alleviate symptoms of colic and gas. Pigeon’s Original Peristaltic Slim Neck Nipple Teats are available in three sizes (small for ages 0-3 months, medium for 3-6 months, and large for 6 months and up) and are crafted from pliable silicone.

Teat nipping has several positive effects.

The Original Pigeon Peristaltic Thin Neck Nipple Teat has many positive effects on the user. Because it is fashioned after pigeon anatomy, it naturally fits the bird snugly and securely. The teat is also constructed from superior materials that ensure its longevity and durability. Proper swallowing is facilitated by the peristaltic motion of the teat, which also aids in the prevention of choking. If you’re searching for a reliable and easy way to feed your pigeons, go no farther than the Original Pigeon Peristaltic Slim Neck Nipple Teat.

Using a Nipple Teat Properly

The Original Pigeon Peristaltic Thin Neck Nipple Teat is used in three simple steps:

To use, first remove the teat’s cap and screw it into the bottle’s neck. Check that the teat is inserted all the way.

Reattach the bottle’s cap by tightening it to the bottle tightly. Make sure you tighten the screw so that no air may escape.

The third and final step is to rest the bottle on your baby’s chest, teat down. To feed your baby, gently press the bottle to dispense a small amount of milk.

Instructions for Selecting the Appropriate Nipple Teat Size

When shopping for a nipple teat, it’s crucial to get one that’s the right size for your baby. The teat shouldn’t be too big or too little; it should just be right for the baby’s mouth. A newborn can choke if the teat is too tiny. The baby may gag or throw up if the teat is excessively big. Nipple teats should be comfortable for the baby to suck on, so pick one manufactured from a pliable, soft substance.

Practical Advice for Caring for and Cleaning the Nipple Teat

If you are already aware with the basics of Nipple Teat care and operation, here are some advanced strategies for getting the most out of your Nipple Teat:

1) Always double check the Nipple Teat’s seal before using it. Submerging the Nipple Teat in water and watching for bubbles to emerge is a nice technique to check. If you notice bubbles in your 2)Nipple Teat, it is not correctly sealed and should be corrected before use.
If you’re using a Nipple Teat, rule number two is to always start with clean water. Your kid will be drinking clean, bacteria-free water if you do this.
(3) After each use, thoroughly wash the Nipple Teat in hot, soapy water. The Nipple Teat should be boiled for three to five minutes once every few days to ensure it remains sterile.
4) Be on the lookout for signs of cracking or wear and tear in the Nipple Teat. Stop using the Nipple Teat and get a new one if you see any damage.

Substitute Goods on the Market

There are a wide variety of infant bottles available. There are a few different goods on the market besides the Original Pigeon Peristaltic Slim Neck Nipple Teat that you might look into.

The Original Baby Bottle by Dr. Brown’s is another option. This bottle’s special venting design makes it ideal for alleviating gastrointestinal distress and preventing spit-up. The wide neck shape also makes it simple to sterilise.

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle is yet another alternative. The silicone nipple on this bottle bends and movements just like a mother’s breast, making it an excellent substitute for breastfeeding.

There is now the Lansinoh SmartFlow Anti-Colic Infant Bottle. The innovative venting system in this bottle helps keep air bubbles to a minimum, which helps to avoid colic in infants. The ergonomic shape makes it a pleasure to handle and operate.

Make sure the bottle you get is the proper size and shape for your baby. Also, consult your child’s doctor before making any purchases if you have any doubts or issues.


The original pigeon peristaltic slim neck nipple teat has many benefits over other types of teats, making it a great option for infants. Its innovative anti-colic mechanism aids in minimising gas, burping, and spitting up, and its one-piece design makes it simple to clean. In addition, the low-velocity flow encourages good feeding practises by minimising air intake and facilitating a natural latch-on motion. This innovative product’s success among parents shopping for a secure infant bottle teat is not surprising in light of these attributes.

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